5 reasons why you should travel more often

It was Saturday night and was raining heavily outside, having dinner we’re discussing what to do as we can’t go to club. Slept early that night, I woke up early in next morning and the rain had stopped. I woke up my roomies and asked them if we can go out to enjoy weather! So we got set and moved out and having no clue where to go ,searched for some nearby places and we headed there just out of curiosity to explore the nature.

The early sunrise with a little drizzle and green grass underlying gave a new feel of refreshment.My view about Saturday nights instantly changed and was wondering if had hit the dance floor last night ,I would had missed this new experience.

A little change in my schedule opened up a way for many new places and new experiences, below are some of the things I experienced.

You may consider these reasons why you should travel more often to bring a change in your life.

1.Traveling will help you Reduce Stress


reasons why you should travel more

“NO! I cant make it this time,you guys can carry on.”

Is this the same sentence you used last time before cancelling a planned outing with your dear and near ones, just because you were stuck in completing some office files or busy in daily chores. Admit it, whether you are working professional or a student, we had definitely used this line more than once because of our hectic schedule. Well if that is true in your case too, next time you should not repeat it. As going for short trip or a sudden outing will eventually help you cope up with the stress building up in day to day life. Traveling greatly helps in reducing stress and thus helps in  living a more cheerful and happy life.

2.Traveling will help you open up New Horizons


reasons why should travel more often

“Sometimes a mere travel trip may open up a  trip for your whole new life”

Whether you are going to a new city or country, or planning an adventurous trek ,you are going to learn alot of new things in the name of enjoyment. You may get attracted to an art sculpture and wonder how it was made and thus opening up history pages which you would had not even heard of before.Or you may gain interest learning a new language or you may learn your motive for life.

3.You will Explore not only places but also Yourself


reasons why you should travel more often 

  “A window seat and headphones is the best feeling ever .”

In the middle of a journey,looking outside the window with your headphones in will deliver you peace and will make you wonder about the roads passing by.This will not only give you an aww!! moment about the nature’s beauty but will settle your jumbling thoughts within. You’ll not only explore places and meet new people but also explore many new things about yourself in the journey.You may realize what mistakes you had done in the past and this trip may totally change your perception about yourself and your believe about life.

4.You will realize the sense of Freedom and Independence


reasons why you should travel more often

Are you a person wakes up on alarm tings, gets stuck in traffic for hour and stare a computer 9 to 5 whole day? If your answer is yes you’ll surely realize the true meaning of freedom after traveling. Also one of the reasons why you should travel more often on weekend is a that small weekend hangout can make you realize the value of independence from your office chores.Traveling will deliver you a sense of freedom you’ll never have working for a boss who just puts work load on Friday and wants it completed till Monday morning.So spend your weekends wisely refreshing your soul and not just getting into things making you more lazier.

5.Because memories makes our Life more Beautiful


reasons why you should travel more often

At last its not just about “Work, work,work !!!”.

Atlast one of the reasons why you should travel more is that you might not remember the excel sheets you completed last Monday, but you will definitely remember moments spent with your friends or family last Sunday.

Or if you’re a schooling guy,you can have a look at the thoughts from the Missile man of India

” Sometimes its better to bunk a class & enjoy with friends, because today when i look back, marks never make me laugh but memories do…”Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam

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