9 Smart eating hacks for diabetics

Every diabetic is advised to follow a strict diet.

What may sound simple to a normal person, may not hold same for a diabetic patient.

But suffering from diabetes doesn’t mean you have to measure everything before having it.

It’s just that you need to know what you should eat and what you shouldn’t.

Here are some simple and smart eating hacks for diabetics:


Smart eating hacks for diabetics

1. Cut down sugar:

Many people find it difficult to reduce their sugar intake because they get manipulated by taste buds. But cutting a little amount can bring a drastic change in their health problems. People are unaware of the drawbacks of processed sugar. Surprisingly research show we consume a lot more sugar in a day even because we are unaware of it. Like consuming bakery products, sugar is a prominent ingredient in all of them.

2. Cut on Carbs:

Diabetic condition is all dependent upon our sugar level. Most of the sugary content is seen in the foods which contain more amount of carbohydrates. Cutting down carbs in our meal can help into this. Start your day with protein foods, instead of food containing carbohydrates. It also prevents taking up excessive food at one time.

3. Control your cravings:

People have a tendency to crave for attractive foods. So how diabetic patient can control this situation

  • Drink more water – An extra ounce of water would fill up stomach and divert your urge to eat attractive food dishes.
  • Eat less, but frequently – Eating at regular intervals won’t make you feel hungry for extra food.

4. Out of sight makes out of mind:

Whether you feel stressed, tired or feel lonely, food is seen as a problem solver. Unhealthy food is easily available at every corner.

“Out of sight, out of mind” works well in case of junk food.

Keep junk and unhealthy food out of your sight completely whether at home or outside. Make healthy snacking options easily accessible and keep them handy.

5.  Avoid deserts:

Many people have a tendency to keep an eye on yummy deserts. Is’nt it? It must be difficult for diabetics to avoid deserts but they have to stick to this one thing. A smart way is to replace your dessert with berries like strawberries, raspberries, etc. Also, these are a comparatively good option and are not high in carbs.

6. Nuts and dry fruits should be your snack:

Eating various types of nuts play an important role to maintain health.

For example, almonds are rich in vitamin E, walnuts are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, cashew is rich in magnesium, all these help to reduce bad cholesterol. The exception is packed salted nuts should be avoided.

On the other hand, fruits also help a lot as our snack. They contain highly soluble fibre. Stick to eating fruits directly. Fruit juices should be avoided because their fibrous pulp is not utilized completely.

7. Go with green veggies:

Green veggies are good not only for the diabetic patient but for everyone. Green vegetables are full of fibre and water which is extremely good to maintain our sugar levels. Leafy vegetables have a high amount of vitamins and minerals which reduce the chance of type 2 diabetes.

So fill your plates with green veggies, and “Go green with your health.”

8. Don’t overeat:

The most wondered question is, why we overeat even though we don’t want to?
There are many factors which greatly influence our eating habits. The truth lies only in the fact that it feels good. So how to control this, so that I am on the track of regular eating habits?

  • Control your speed while eating –  Sometimes we eat so fast, that we overeat our meals. Eating slowly can help to fill our stomach properly.
  • Eat less live longer – Eat only to satisfy your hunger, even if its favourite food.

9. Run a km daily:

Believe it or not, running is the best exercise. It boosts our immune system and pumps our immune cells to work properly.

So how running can be good for a diabetic patient? It’s simple. A diabetic patient always needs to maintain a balanced sugar level and running a kilometre daily helps into it.

Secondly, running lowers the impact of over-eating which cause obesity.  A smart hack to continue running on a regular basis is joining marathon teams, participating in running campaigns, etc


These are some of the eating hacks for diabetics. Other small changes like eating on time on a daily basis also help to maintain the sugar level.

Exercise for at least 15 minutes daily. Everyone has 15 minutes free time and one can do a quick warmup and stretch at work, home or anywhere.

If you have more simple tricks and hacks, do let us know by commenting below.

Till then “Stay happy, Stay healthy”.

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