Healthy diet tips for the summer

Healthy Indian Diet Tips for the Summer | Healthy Diet Tips for the Summer

Healthy Diet Tips for the Summer

Healthy diet tips for the summer

Summer has arrived and rise in the temperature after the Holi festival is evident. Summer in India is characterized by high degree temp followed by a dry wave of winds. The heat drains out all the water from the body and makes everyone feel dehydrated and tired. Although we do not recommend to completely change your meal plans, tweaking it a little will ensure the results. While nothing can be done to escape the heat, these healthy diet tips for the summer will help you to maintain the water-sodium level in the body and keep you hydrated, fresh and active all day long.

Eat Bananas

Bananas are a storehouse of nutrients and easily available in the summer season. They are an instant energy booster and are rich in fibre content.  Eating bananas improve digestion and help to maintain the blood pressure. It is a great source of potassium and helps to fight anaemia. Due to its high potassium content, it helps in maintaining the ph levels in the stomach.

So, try to eat at least two bananas every day in summer season. You can also add apple and berries to your diet and try to consume at least a serving of these fruits daily.

Choose Powerpack Vegetables

Though the urge for solid food intake decreases in summer, don’t just rely on soft drinks. Include healthy Indian foods options in your daily diet to keep yourself cool and hydrated all day long. Indians are blessed with a variety of vegetables in the summer season. Go for dark-coloured vegetables which have high levels of nutrients and antioxidants.  Include carrots, pumpkin, bitter gourd (Karela), beetroots, and broccoli in your diet. Make a habit to include a vegetable- fruit salad in your meal.

Eat Light

Avoid eating spicy and heavy meals during summer. Eat 6-8 light meals at frequent intervals. Never skip your breakfast. Include a combination of fruits and fresh traditional Indian drink and foods with high water content like watermelon.

Go with Smart Snacks

Craving for snacks is a common trend after the stressing work hours. Instead of eating chips and other oily packed food, opt for healthy snacks. This is a perfect time to have a cool traditional Indian drink or sherbet. You can also try healthy protein options like nuts, sprouts and sundals. For a variety, you can change the sprouts or sundals daily to avoid boredom.

Quick Chicken Soup

Its said that chicken is good for winter, but you can try this chicken soup at home. You just need chicken stock, chicken, vegetables like carrot and onions. All you need to do is boil the chicken stock and add all vegetables and fresh coriander in it. Reduce flame, add chicken pieces and let it boil on simmer for 20 minutes. Remove chicken, cut into small pieces, add it again and serve. Carrots and onions in the soup help to fight infection and boost the immune system. Onions provide antioxidants and reduce inflammation. So why not skip hot coffee or tea and try chicken soup instead?

Drink plenty of Water

Don’t wait until you feel thirsty, Drink a sip every half hour instead.

Normal recommendations are 8 glass of water every day. But in summer, try to increase it to 13-14 glasses of water daily to cover up loss due to dehydration. An increased level of water intake will prevent you from strong heat and maintain body temperature. Avoid excessive salt intake and keep yourself hydrated.

So, these were some of the healthy diet tips for summer season. Now, it’s your chance to add more tips by commenting below. Stay Healthy, Happy Summer!!

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