Top 4 must watch bollywood movies for Entrepreneurs

“In a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy guaranteed to fail is not taking any risks.”

                                                   – Mark Zuckerberg


These words by Facebook Entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg(CEO) are turning the youth nowadays to really think about their lifes’ and careers with a different aspect. Earlier people used to get settle in their early ages in a job that gave them the basic needs and continued to work in the same job until retirement. Of course the salary gets hike every year, but nowadays youngsters don’t seem to follow the same traditional approach. Young generation which is surrounded all by technology and new gadgets are thinking ahead of traditional 9-5 jobs. Having role models like Facebook and google CEO’s who achieved big milestone at young age, people now are more interested in solving day to day problems with the help of technology.

If you are also the one who aspires to be businessmen or a budding entrepreneurship, these bollywood movies will boost up your entrepreneurial journey.

Following are top 4 must watch bollywood movies for Entrepreneurs :




Gurukant”Guru” Desai , a movie directed by Mani Ratnam, is loosely based on the life of Shri Dhirubhai Ambani. Guru, played by Abhishek Bachchan, depicts the story of a guy who is son of village teacher fails in mathematics and decides to go to turkey to enter spice market. Guru gets promoted as a supervisor but decides to come India and start his own cloth business. His entrepreneurial journey starts when he gets turned down by his father stating that “Don’t dream big as dreams never come true”. The movie depicts the struggles Guru faced in becoming the biggest business magnate of India. Overall, Guru is a must watch movie for entrepreneurs and aspiring businessmen.

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Badmaash Company



Badmaash company is a movie based on four friends Karan, Chandu, Zing and Bulbul which form a company “Friends and Co”. Karan, played by Shahid Kapoor, is a very clever boy who has just graduated and his father wants him to pursue MBA. But Karan on the other hand wants to own a business and become a rich man. He believes money is secondary and all you need is a good business idea to make a business big. Using his intelligence and observations on import tax, he makes huge amount of money from business. The movie depicts how these guys indulge in wrong ways of money making and Karan gets arrested. This movie is a must watch for entrepreneurs. The movie teaches that fraud and scams can get you money but in the long run you won’t survive in business doing illegal activities.

Rocket Singh – Salesman of the Year



Awarded as Best actor Filmfare award in 2010, Ranbir Kapoor  plays the role of Harpreet Singh who just secured 39% in Bcom. He gets employed in a Computer firm AYS as a salesman. Soon he becomes a topic of comedy and continuously teased by colleagues and superiors,he learns honesty is not the best policy. He understood proper customer service will root out the bribery and customer satisfaction is utmost important. He bootstraps his own company “ROCKET SALES CORPORATION” and gathers employees in the same firm AYS,thus an Entrepreneur is born.

He offers an equal stake opportunity to the office boy in his company(ROCKET SALES) who serves tea in AYS. The company policy of providing proper customer satisfaction gains them more sales than AYS.  Soon the owner of AYS, Sunil Puri  gets angried and wants to meet the owner of ROCKET SALES for partnership. Mr Puri calls the sales executive of ROCKET SALES and the bell in his office desk rangs. He understands everything and then fires the whole team. The newly employed team fails to beat the sales of ROCKET CORPORATION and Puri meets Harpreet Singh and advices him not to do business.

The movie teaches the importance of building a good team, teamwork and customer satisfaction. It also teaches that its not necessary to have great grades to make a big company. Ultimately its all about grasping opportunities and turning them into successful businesses.




The movie directed by Madhur Bhandarkar revolves around the competition between two industrialists Sehgal and Marwah. The movie is based on the pesticide issue in cold-drinks. The two giants compete with each other when government decides to sell some PSU property. The film shows how big giants make use of politics and real corporate is way more than just working in an office. The film teaches the dark side of a business. It depicts there is no role for emotions in making a business big. Entrepreneurs should must watch this movie. It teaches the importance of being ethical ,truth and honest in doing a business.

So these are the top 4 Bollywood movies for entrepreneurs and businessmen that inspired me. Hope you guys don’t miss out on these inspiring movies.

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