Tips to Quit smoking

Tips to Quit Smoking | Quit Smoking Naturally | Quit Smoking

Tips to quit smoking
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Tips to Quit Smoking | Quit Smoking Naturally.

According to a study by World Health Organization, tobacco consumption kills more than 7 million people each year. Smoking is considered as one of the worst ways to consume tobacco. Tobacco consumption in the form of smoking cigarettes, cigars and electronic smoking equipment results in several deaths per year. People are aware that smoking causes cancer, heart diseases, stroke, lung diseases and many more health issues. Yet the number of smokers is increasing every year. But, it is also evident that many people are now realizing the importance of good health and looking for ways that can help them to quit smoking.

Quitting smoke is a challenging process and cannot be achieved in a single day. By opting to quit smoking you will not only have a better health and quality life but also the lives around you. By making some small changes in your daily life you can actually achieve great results and quit smoking completely in just a few days. Let’s get started with these simple tips:

Think positive

The very first thing is to remove all the negative thoughts from your mind. Smoking gives a soothing shot to your brain and hence one gets cravings to smoke. It is very important to control your cravings and understand that it is not good for the body. As soon as the person understands this, it should be firm that he/she have to quit smoking.  Don’t think much about the process, just think about the advantages of not smoking.

Avoid the triggers

Triggers urge you to smoke. These triggers can be emotional, social or have a certain pattern. Understanding the cause will help you to quit smoking. For example, many people smoke to escape bad mood or when they feel anxious, nervous, lonely or broken. One needs to understand that these are a part of your emotions and smoking will not help in coping with these feelings. Social triggers refer to occasions that include other people who smoke. For example, going to a pub and smoking with your friends. Once you have decided to quit smoking, don’t let any external occasions distract you.


Physical workouts will help to reduce the cravings for nicotine and help in cleaning up the lungs. Make it a routine to engage in some type of physical exercise regularly. Make friends who exercise daily and become a part of their group. This will encourage you to work out daily and stay motivated. So, working out daily becomes very important. Exercise on a daily basis and you will see the changes in your health both physically and mentally.

Practice mind relaxation technique

Practicing mental relaxation is as important as working out physically. To curb stress, practice relaxation techniques like deep breathing, yoga, and meditation. Massaging your body or a bit of stretching may lighten up built-in stress and anxiety.  You can try out writing something and be engaging in a hobby that makes you happy.  This will help in relaxing the mind so that you don’t end up smoking again.

Handling nicotine withdrawal

Your body gets addicted to nicotine intake when you smoke regularly. Now that you are following a strict regime, your body is not getting the desired amount of nicotine. Quitting to smoke may cause some short-term problems because your body feels short of daily cigarette addiction. One might experience cravings for nicotine, anxiety, depression, anger, and irritability. The withdrawal symptoms are strong at the start and decline over a period of time. One should keep focusing on achieving the goal of living a smoke-free life.

Remain active

Try to stay busy as much as possible. Staying busy will divert your mind and help you overcome cravings. Studies show that nicotine cravings should last for 10 to 15 minutes. Distract yourself at this time and try to engage in some other things. Here are some of the things you can do, like:

  • Going out for a walk
  • Think of traveling to some nearby place
  • Listening to music
  • Talk to friends or colleagues
  • Keep your mouth busy chewing bubble gum, candy or eating snacks
  • Do a quick cardio workout
  • Drink a lot of water at this moment
  • Solve puzzles or try to solve a Rubix cube.

Remind yourself why you are doing these things. Stay focused on achieving your goals of leading a nicotine-free life. Think about the advantages of smoke-free life.

Lastly, quitting cigarette smoking will make your family happy and help you lead a fit and healthy life in the long run.


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